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Yellow Limestone Cobble Setts 100mm x 100mm x 22mm

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Naturally looking yellow Limestone Cobbles that has a weathered look perfect for traditional rustic areas. Adding a great feature as a boarder around circles or paving.

Yellow Limestone Cobble Setts 100mm x 100mm x 22mm Specifications

Natural hand cut Indian Limestone Setts provide a perfect finishing touch to your garden. Its Naturally riven surface is perfect for any traditional space complimenting any natural paving slabs as a boarder or edging.

Limestone Cobble Setts can be used for edging, kerbside, small areas, pathways, driveways and much more!

Why Choose Limestone Cobble Setts:

  • Unique Colour Variation
  • Frost Resistant
  • Durable and Hard Standing
  • Multi Versatile
  • Suitable in UK Climate


For Limestone, we recommend a resin based jointing compound to be used. We strongly advise using SBR underneath the slabs. If SBR is not used there is a potential risk that cement used to lay can cause mirror staining, which is where you see the pattern of the cement from underneath, on top of the slab. Ensure to use sealer which is designed for natural stone, which suite your requirements and protects the paving slabs from staining. If you are sealing within the first year, make sure to use a breathable sealer. Do no use acid based products.

All our pictures are taken for a reference in colouring, patterns and tones. These can be taken wet or dry. Limestone is more vibrant in colouring when wet and lighter pastel tones when dry.



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