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Ivory Mint Honed and Sawn 22mm Calibrated 600×900

From £35.75 per sqm

Ivory Mint provides a sleek appeal to bring elegance to your patio area. With its Warm beige and cream tones, each slab will captivate you with its natural beauty and sophisticated style to create a superb design of simplicity.

Why Choose Sandstone:

  • Honed Surface and Sawn Edges
  • Frost Resistant
  • Long Lasting
  • Durable
  • Multi Versatile
  • Suitable in UK Climate
  • Unique Colours and Natural Veining


Full Pack = 19.44 SQM (36 Slabs), coverage approx 20.5 SQM once laid and jointed (10-15mm Jointing)

Please Note: The product could be slightly different compared to the sample as they could differ with batches.

Ivory Mint Honed and Sawn 22mm Calibrated 600×900 Specifications

If your looking for something a little bit special Honed sandstone is the answer. This will give a luxury elegant feel to your outdoor space. The surface has been machine polished to form a flat smooth surface and all edges precision cut to form a clean and contemporary look. Although smooth due to sandstone being porous this is also very grippy when wet, ideal for walking on bare foot.

Our Sandstone is 22mm Calibrated (1-2mm +/-) therefore all slabs are cut to a constant thickness to ensure an easier installation process. Sandstone material is very porous therefore a prima is strongly recommended for the best results. This is to be used on the underside/laying side of each slabs to ensure a good bond between the base and the slabs. This also prevents any wet moisture from the base soaking in causing potential mirror staining once the installation is completed and starts to dry.

For best results and longevity of your paving, it is highly recommended to seal the surface using a breathable natural stone sealer. This will help protect against the build up of algae and moss and from fading caused by UVA rays. Sealing will also help prevent the stones from staining.

No acid based cleaners such as we brick acid should be used on natural stone as this product is too harsh and can cause permanent damage.

All Our pictures are taken for a reference in colouring, patterns and tones. These can be taken wet or Dry. Sandstone is more vibrant in colouring when wet and pastel tones when dry.
We offer Samples from our menu so that you can get an idea of the colouring and feel.

Please allow a minimum of 10% extra on your order for cuts, breakages and spares.


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