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London Beige Porcelain Paving- 600mm x 900mm

From £26.62 per sqm

London Beige Porcelain Paving offers uniform colour in a soft tone that adds warmth to a garden design. The even texture is complemented by the precise edges of this vitrified paving and will show pale jointing lines off to advantage, a design detail that often features in modern gardens.

Full packs= 21.6 sqm (40 slabs), coverage approx. 22.5 sqm once laid and jointed.


21.6 SQM (40 Slabs) £575.00
16.2 SQM (30 Slabs) £478.00
13.5 SQM (25 Slabs) £414.00
10.8 SQM (20 Slabs) £350.00
8.1 SQM (15 Slabs) £287.00
5.4 SQM (10 Slabs) £223.50
Sample 100mm x 100mm £2.00
Please Note: The product could be slightly different compared to the sample as they could differ with batches.

London Beige Porcelain Paving- 600mm x 900mm Specifications

Becoming increasingly popular and a great alternative to Natural Stone, our outdoor Porcelain paving is a great low maintenance contemporary range of paving. All our porcelain tiles are vitrified meaning a low water absorption of less than 0.5% which will help to prevent build up of Moss or Algae.

Please note – Our pictures are taken for a reference in colouring, patterns and tones, these can be taken when the paving is wet or dry. Porcelain paving is batch coded and there maybe a small variance. We offer Samples from our menu so that you can get an idea of the colouring and feel.

Recommendations – It is always recommended to use a porcelain prima on the reverse of the tiles, this will form a good bond between the base and the tiles. When cutting the tiles, you must use a cutting blade specifically designed to be used with outdoor porcelain paving.

Please allow a minimum of 10% extra on your order for cuts, Breakages and spares


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